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The Risk Assessment is a very comprehensive look at your business, Information Technology, data, processes, and people.  We will ask questions about security training, your policies, procedures, on-boarding practices.  We’ll consider your location (geographic and within the building), how your IT resources are physically protected.  We will talk about fire, water, and power. We’ll talk about your data, where it resides, how it is protected from a confidentiality, integrity, and availabilty point of view.  We’ll discuss your network environment and the steps you’ve taken to secure your data assets.

The Risk Assessment offering follows the same rigorous process used by The United States federal government departments and bureaus.  While your needs are much smaller, will take far less time and involve far less resources, the assessment will be just as comprehensive.  At the conclusion of the assessment, you can be certain you’ve done a thorough job of assessing risk to your organization.

Following the assessment, usually conducted as a table top exercise, YottaByte Security prepares a risk assessment report with prioritized recommendations.  YottaBye Security can implement these recommendations for you, or assist your staff in implementation.