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By default, all email is open text.  Someone with access to the wireless environment, your network, your ISP’s network, or anyone on the receiving side can read it.  An attacker can pose as a man-in-the-middle and read your emails as you seemingly use public WIFI.  In addition, your browsing activity may be vulnerable to interception.  Encryption is the process of encoding a message so it is not readable by anyone other than the intended recipient.  Encryption applies to data in transit (email, HTTP traffic, etc.) while in storage applies to local storage, network storage, cloud storage, etc.  Unencrypted data can be read from these locations just as easily as you’re reading this text.

Phase 1.  Assessment.  The assessment is simple.  YottaByte Security needs to understand what you want to encrypt or how you want to communicate with your customers using encryption.  There are ways to encrypt messages that make using encryption easy for both you and your customers.  In the Assessment phase, we’ll talk about your important data, your customer interactions, and your employee interactions.  We’ll talk about key control, or how you access encrypted messages from your employees after they leave your employ.  YottaByte Security will evaluate your needs and propose an encryption plan that meets your needs.

Phase 2.  Implementation.  Once you’ve selected encryption options, YottaByte security will implement them  for you or work with your staff to make sure they are implemented correctly.