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Server Installation


Desktop, Laptop, and Server Security

Devices are servers, laptops, and desktop computing devices; everything except mobile devices such as phones and tablets.  The Device Security offering has three primary parts, vulnerability testing, secure configuration, and maintenance.

Vulnerability testing.  The vulnerability assessment part of the Device Security offering  is a technical evaluation.  After an agreement is signed, and your IP space is known, YottaByte security will arrive at your office with test equipment and test all devices on the network for vulnerabilities.  Tests are done in safe mode, no exploitation is attempted.  Following the scan, YottaByte security analyzes the results and reports them back to you with a recommendation for remediation.  As with other offerings, YottaByte security can mitigate these vulnerabilities for you, or guide your staff.

Secure configuration.  This is another technical test.  Like vulnerability testing and after we know your IP space, YottaByte Security will arrive at your office, access your network, and begin testing.  Tests will be based on the Center for Information Security (CIS) Benchmarks level 1.  Larger environments may wish to additionally test for CIS Benchmarks Level II if they have more advanced incident detection capability.  Once testing is complete, YottaByte Security will analyze the results and present a findings report with recommendations.

Maintenance.  Maintaining the environment is a secure configuration should be your goal.  While annual and biannual exams are effective, there is nothing in place to assure you your devices are secure between exams.  The Maintenance offering is a custom tailored solution.  Depending on your needs, we may decide to install software on your network to keep a continuous inventory of assets and software, install a vulnerability scanner to run at certain intervals, or impliment other technologies to keep your environment as secure as you want it to be.