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We travel nationally and embed with my customers to help them solve their cybersecurity problems.  We're not a Monday afternoon through Thursday lunchtime operation.  We work smartly and tirelessly to deliver success.  Customer successes range from consulting in the C-Suite regarding broken, tired, or start-up cybersecurity programs, GRC, Compliance, and technical implementation of security enclaves, and technology.  Our broad experience results in contract renewal after contract renewal.  

Additionally, we offer offer several shorter-term cybersecurity solutions (below).

How can we help you with your security needs?

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Day to day business is difficult enough without unforseen and unplanned events occuring.  Critical people can and do leave, systems can be hacked, you could be affected by ransomeare, power outages can extend over several days, and buildings can be declared unfit for habitation due to natural disasters.  These are a few potential problems that can occur.  What will you do?  YottaByte Security can help you identify many of these possible and unfortunate problems and help you develop a plan for dealing with them.

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FISMA, GDPR, HIPAA, PHI, PII, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, Sarbanes Oxley, SOC reporting - How do you make sense of it all?  YottaByte Security can help you engage in any aspect of your compliance efforts including planning, control selection, implementation, and auditing.

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Are your devices vulnerable to attack?  Are your devices secured in the most optimal way?  YottaByte Security can answer these questions for you.  We will test your systems and help you secure them in a way that maximizes productivity and security.



Stored data or data in transit, both require encryption for professionals with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), or almost any type of compliance requirement.  YottaByte Security can help you apply the most effective encryption solution for your problem.



You simply do not know if your business is secure until you've thought out how you would respond, and how ready your systems are to respond to the most common threats and vulnerabilities.  Once you've thought about threats and vulnerabilities affecting your business, YottaByte Security can help you plan for and mitigate potential problems before they occur.

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Is your physical network properly secured from the Internet?  Are you sure you are aware of and have authorized every device on your internal network?  YottaByte Security can help you answer these questions by assessing your network and helping you

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Vulnerabilities exist for every operating system and every application.  When vulnerabilities arise they are published and your systems can be scanned to determine if any exist in your environment.  This is not the same as malware scanning.  Vulnerability scanning will identify out of date software, misconfigured software, and other technical issues needing attention.  YottaByte Security will scan your systems, recommend a mitigation pathway, and assist you in securing your systems.


Wireless security, like Device Security, is focused on access to your environment.  Wireless security looks at your wireless footprint, attempts to break your wireless password, as an attacker would, and reviews your wireless configuration.  When YottaByte Security completes a wireless assessment, you can be confident you know who is on your wireless network, its boundaries, and how secure it is.  YottaByte Security can help you take your wireless security to the next level.


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